Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How To: Hydrate Your Face, Get a Dewy Glow, AND Set Your Makeup

I absolutely love the "dewy glow" look and feeling after I receive a cleansing facial from Saks Fifth Avenue Spa (3rd floor of Saks in Tyson's Galleria) or Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa. (I switch between the two because my skin therapist esthetician at Saks goes out of town frequently) One of the many things I learned from her in order to obtain the aforementioned dewy glow was to use a facial mists (also called hydration mists) to keep your face looking hydrated and refreshed... but it also doubles as a makeup setter! I'm a sucker for 2-in-1 products, and after discovering this, I've been using it everyday for the past few years as a pick-me-up, even when I'm not wearing makeup.

Although there are several different brands of facial mists that you can choose from, I prefer the drugstore brands because they're old school mists that have been around for ages, they're both under $10, and are readily available at Ulta, Sephora, or your local drugstore. Since I use facial mist everyday as a beauty essential, I go through them quite often, so it's definitely more cost-efficient than to purchase a high-end brand.

**I use this personally!

The Right Way to Use a Facial Mist:
  1. Hold the nozzle approximately 5 to 6 inches away from your face.
  2. Let it sit for about 60 seconds, and then lightly blot off excess with a tissue.
Tips and Tricks to Misting:
  1. After cleansing your face, give your skin a mist and put on your moisturizer immediately afterward, without blotting it dry to lock moisture in.
  2. To obtain the "baby skin" look, you should lightly mist after every layer of makeup. Pretty much, it's: Mist, moisturize, mist, primer, mist, makeup, mist. Be careful to not get overly generous with the mist so your skin won't look dripping wet between layers, or your makeup will be prone to smudging!
  3. After putting on your makeup, (Wait for your mascara to dry!) just spray the facial mist on your face as the last step of our routine to obtain the "dewy glow" look rather than a powdery complexion.

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